Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Diabetic Bad Mood :(

My husband is diabetic with uncontrolled blood sugar often in the 300-400 range.  Mostly he is ok, but sometimes, he gets depressed, into a very bad mood.  He's like that right now.  It's been this way for nearly a week and I am beginning to think I can't take much more.  He's nasty and dejected at the same time.  We have no health insurance and he can't get help to control his blood sugars, and I'm sorry to lay it all out here, but my heart is hurting and I just need an outlet -- so please stop reading if you're sensitive to this kind of post.

Our daughter has been offered the opportunity to try out for a very good softball travel team, and she is so excited.  My husband's response?  I'm happy for her, but if she makes it, it'll cost too much, and we'll just end up letting her down. 

I find myself thinking sometimes that I just can't take anymore.  I dream of running away and never looking back.  We have three kids together and I couldn't leave them -- but I couldn't take them from him either. ;(

I think I'm going to take a shower and have a good cry, and maybe things will look better later.

Sorry for the whining.

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